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Collection and treatment of personal data

Check here all the information regarding the privacy policy of ESTIVAL GESTIÓ, S.L, responsible for the data processing of the group of companies that make up ESTIVAL GROUP.

Web pages and third-party services

The web pages, products, applications and services of Estival Group may contain links to web pages, products and services of group companies. Our products and services may also use or offer products or services from third parties. The collection of data by third parties, including data on locations or contact data, will be governed by their respective privacy policies. We recommend consulting the privacy policies of such third parties.

Cookies and other technologies

We use our own and third-party cookies to improve our services, store user information and analyse user navigation. You can get more information on the policy of cookies.

Social networks

Estival Group is present in various programs associated with the concept of social networks to generate feedback with the customer and thus maintain a bond of friendship, trust and communication, closely associated with the activity of Estival Group.

Social networks are understood as a casual and informal mechanism of communication either with clients or with any person or entity interested in our information.

The "publications" in social networks can be carried out by our own personnel or subcontracted for that purpose, either repeatedly or sporadically.

For this purpose, Estival Group publishes news, comments, photos, videos, locations, events, opinions in chats, etc. In each of the social networks. Estival Group, is not responsible for the accuracy of the data published in these media and in no case, the above may be associated with a commitment or contract.

Each social network has its privacy policy and terms of use, which is why our clients or followers like Estival Group are subject to them, thus eliminating any type of responsibility on the part of the Estival Group in the processing of personal data.

Estival Group will be able to use the databases of personal character that it keeps through social networks to generate press releases, news, invitations, etc. What under no circumstances is a transfer of data, simply, is the use of a mechanism or data management platform without being transferred, delivered or any concept equivalent to a loss of ownership control by Estival Group.

Based on invitations sent by Estival Group to our customers to participate in social networks, they are free to exercise this exercise, in accordance with the specific policies of each social environment.

Not all accounts under the name "Estival Park" or similar belong to Estival Group, so they will only be official, those that are linked directly from the website hosted under their own domain: https://www.estivalpark.es.

Location services

Estival Group does not offer location services, so it does not store personal data based on the client's location.


Estival Park has an outdoor webcam directing its image to the horizon without the appearance of any physical person. This camera does not generate any files and these images are not recorded on any physical medium. However, they are connected online to the internet, so that anyone can easily record such images of the horizon.

The anchoring of the Webcam has been carried out by accredited professionals in the installation and maintenance of cameras, of which, the appropriate measures have been taken so that the approach is always homogeneous. In the event that this camera for incidental reasons or outside Estival Park acquired a different approach by which anyone could identify, Estival Park totally declines the responsibility that may arise. However, Estival Park has protocols to ensure that, in a reasonable manner, this camera does not lose its initial focus.


Establishment registered with the Registry of Tourism of Catalonia

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